DASMUN in Less than 24 Hours!

The DAS annual MUN, hosted right here on our campus, is a fast-growing competitive activity with hours of rigorous negotiation filled with enthusiasm and excitement! DAS MUN helps develop your confidence, leadership skills and gives you the opportunities to practice research, public speaking, teamwork, negotiation, and writing skills in a safe and structured environment. We've all been asked the most difficult question as a regular or first-time Model UN participants: "What should I wear for MUN?" While the answer varies depending on the individual, you might wear a blazer, a dress, a pair of dress pants, or a dress skirt (that goes below the knees). Whatever you decide, don't forget to wear comfy shoes, preferably flats. Aside from Western business attire, here are a few extra items I recommend bringing to a conference to ensure success.

During a Model UN conference, your laptop is your BFF. It's critical to have it with you at all times, and I'm sure many of you won't forget it, but one mistake we make is forgetting chargers for our gadgets, so bring your power cables with you to assist you power through the conference! Office supplies are particularly useful because they allow you to take notes and convey messages to other delegates without having to ask anyone for a pen or piece of paper. Finally, we recommend carrying a folder with all conference-related information, it's easier when everything is in one place!

In addition, many first-time delegates struggle with the art of negotiating. But luckily we’re here to give you some tips! First of all, make sure that your first impression is memorable. One way you could do that is through your opening speech; it’s your chance to gain allies,  assert your position and intimidate other delegates. Second is voting; if you’re a powerful country more countries would want to be on your side, since they know the power you hold. Third of all, when amendments are given take them into consideration, show them you care about their ideas, because in the end you want them to they for YOUR resolution! Lastly, remember to stick with your allies and have fun. Good luck and we'll so you guys Friday morning!

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