DASMUN XIV Comes to an End!

Two weeks ago today, the Admin Directors, Randa Alaraout and Mysk Alnatour commenced their first Admin meeting. A couple of days later, the DSGs of Delegates, Haya Abushullaih, Joanne Alghanem, and Seba Abduljabbar, held their first of three training sessions on Zoom. And no more than a week ago, the DASMUN executive team was able to meet all the delegates and admins in person and in session.

Randa explains, "Our admins were very helpful and supportive through the entire process of planning and organizing the MUN conference. They were the backbone of the organizational aspect, from personal, to committee, to organizational aspects; every single one of our recruits left us awestruck at the amount of effort and dedication they put into each of their roles. It is safe to say that they have made us proud and will continue to do so in the future." Of all the 22 admins, however, three of them left sizable impressions on the entire executive team and their guests; Taleen Alqadmani, the personal admin of our Secretary-General Sara Alkhamees, Deema Aldabal, the committee admin of DISEC (GA1), and finally Rayahhen Alabd, an organizational admin.

Rayana Alahmed, HRC committee admin.

The admins were not the only participants of DASMUN who shined through their hard work and perseverance. "When sorting students into their respective delegations and committees, we looked into their past experience as delegates and assigned them accordingly. By placing delegates into committees carefully, everyone was satisfied and given an opportunity to flourish. When visiting committees, we could tell the delegates felt comfortable yet stimulated, as they performed to the best of their ability," Haya explains. Of those delegates, the executive team, alongside the chairs, was privileged to grant the title of the best delegate to one delegate from each committee: the delegate of North Korea, Noor Aljandan (DISEC); the delegate of Switzerland, Maha Alshalfan (ECOFIN); the delegate of Syria, Wafa Bunyatova (HRC); the delegate of USA, Judi Almulla (WHO); the delegate of USA, Mada Salamah (UNEP); and last but not least the delegate of China, Ruba Aldabal (SC).

The DASMUN executive team would like to personally extend their gratitude to all the guests, delegates, admins, and chairs who attended our 14th annual MUN conference here at our campus. We are proud to say that this year's conference was a huge success and an enlightening experience. We hope to see those who attended this year as well as those who couldn't next year InshaAllah and Ramadhan Mubarak to everyone!

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